Read Me A Nightmare

The True Nature of Swimming Holes & Interview with Ronald Linson

October 19, 2021 Ronald Linson Season 1 Episode 12
Read Me A Nightmare
The True Nature of Swimming Holes & Interview with Ronald Linson
Show Notes

It's a hot day, and that swimming hole sure looks enticing....

Grab your swimming trunks and get ready for an adventure.

The True Nature of Swimming Holes is written by Ronald Linson, and was first published in the Mannison Press anthology Little Girl Lost: Thirteen Tales of Youth Disrupted in 2019.   

Based out of New York City, Morgan Schafer (pen name Ronald Linson) 
began working as an editor offering freelance services as a copyeditor and proofreader. Today, he is co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at the independent publishing house
Mannison Press, LLC.

Morgan writes primarily science fiction, fantasy, and horror, but has
been known to dabble in other genres. Current projects include a short
story collection set in his Patchwork Lands cosmic horror mythos and a
far-future science fiction novel with collaborator Deidre J Owen.
Since 2015, Morgan has had stories published in a number of
anthologies (Mannison Press, Eerie River) and e-zines (Lovecraftiana,
Bewildering Stories).

Bill Wiesner is our voice actor for this episode. Bill Wiesner is a Toronto based technical and creative professional. A promotions and commercial producer/director/writer, post-production editor and aspiring voice character actor. Pours his heart and soul into every project with tenacious attention to detail. Loves working with others that share his passion for bringing the most engaging content to life. Above all else, he’s the father of two amazing teenage boys and husband to the most amazing woman in existence. 

When offline, he's all about various athletic endeavours like running, hiking, baseball and biking. An active member in his church community. An avid gamer and movie watcher. Addicted to music from various genres. A not-terrible player of drums and acoutsic guitar.