Read Me A Nightmare

41 The Garden Party & Shannon Fox

March 16, 2024 Angelique Fawns Season 1 Episode 41
Read Me A Nightmare
41 The Garden Party & Shannon Fox
Show Notes

You never know what you might find-- or lose-- in an antique shop.

Our episode today features Shannon Fox and her short story "The Garden Party."
I bought this tale for Book #1 of the HorrorLite Anthologies
"The Garden Party" was originally published in September 2019 in the anthology Cursed Collectibles. 

If you are interested in learning about a great writing conference and the pros and cons of indie versus trad publishing, you will enjoy the interview after the story.

Shannon writes as both Shannon Lynn Fox and S.L. Fox. Her short stories have appeared in DreamForge Anvil, Air & Nothingness Press, and Third Flatiron among others. She also has a short story in the Monsters, Movies, & Mayhem Anthology, alongside Johnathan Maberry, Rick Wilber, and Hailey Piper. Edited by Kevin J. Anderson, it won the 2021 Colorado Book Award for Best Anthology.

Shannon is the owner of Minute Marketing, a marketing company based in San Diego, CA, that helps Realtors and other housing industry professionals save time with their marketing. You can check out more about her company here.

Karen Shute is our voice actor for this episode. Learn more about her here.

Grab your significant other's hand, double-check your life insurance, and let's go shopping...