Read Me A Nightmare

29 Kutulu in the Desert & Interview with Jane Noel

January 13, 2023 Jane Noel Season 1 Episode 29
Read Me A Nightmare
29 Kutulu in the Desert & Interview with Jane Noel
Show Notes

Cosmic Horror lurks in Arizona.
Can one ex-military recluse save the world?

"Kutulu in the Desert" first appeared in DreamForge Magazine's Halloween edition Dark Visions on October 17th, 2022.

This episode features an interview with Jane Noel, the designer who created the art work for this story.  Jane talks about fiction as an inspiration for art, and her journey with DreamForge Magazine.  We get into the weeds with technology and techniques.

Jane Noel is the artist and designer at DreamForge whose work as Art Director assured the success of early Dungeons & Dragons computer game titles like Menzoberranzan and Ravenloft: Stone Prophet, along with award-winning original titles like Anvil of Dawn.

Learn more about DreamForge:
Kutulu in the Desert" is voiced by Kristi Stewart. She is a regular performer for Read Me A Nightmare.

Her career has taken her from the newsroom, as an associate producer, a promotions director in country radio as well as a public relations manager for a not for profit, and, sponsorship manager for Rogers TV Toronto… all the while keeping her fingers in the entertainment field. She found a second love, as a voice actor.

Tuck a cigarette in your pocket, load your gun, and let’s go for for a ride in the Sonoran Desert.