Read Me A Nightmare

The New Mutants & Interview with Kristi Stewart

April 28, 2022 Angelique Fawns Season 1 Episode 21
Read Me A Nightmare
The New Mutants & Interview with Kristi Stewart
Show Notes

It's a post-apocalyptic world where only teenagers have survived.
This future world is ruled by battling bands...

"The New Mutants" was written by Angelique Fawns and first published in the anthology Gotta Wear Eclipse Glasses  by Third Flatiron Publishing.

This story was a Tangent On-Line Recommended Read for 2020.

Kristi Stewart is back by popular demand, and not only reads us this short adventure piece, but sticks around to talk to us about the future of the voice industry. We also answer the question...”If you could give your 20-year-old self some advice about the business, what would you say?"

 Kristi has worked in the communications and media industry most of her professional career. 

With a love of theatre and performing, she first stepped on stage at the tender age of 14, in the role of Little Mary in the longest running melodrama production “The Drunkard” -in her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Her career has taken her from the newsroom, as an associate producer, a promotions director in country radio as well as a public relations manager for a not for profit, and, sponsorship manager for Rogers TV Toronto… all the while keeping her fingers in the entertainment field. She found a second love, as a voice actor. During that time, she’s had the thrill of being the female National Imaging voice for GLOBAL TV, TLN, PRIME TV and, the Canadian Entrepreneur of the year awards!  In addition to voicing many commercials, narrations and, even a Harlequin romance novel.  She’s also no stranger to on camera acting having been in several productions including; SEE NO EVIL, FEAR THY NEIGHBOR and, HAUNTED HOSPITALs, to name a few….Kristi says performing brings her joy and, keeps her young and, she has no plans to stop anytime soon!